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By Belmac
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As well as painting, Isobel has a love of sculpture. Most of her sculpture exhibitions have been held at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts or with Peter Reynolds's Gallery. These Going Solo Exhibitions have been very successful and allowed her to produce a range of very different sculptures.

Mainly high fired stoneware, many pieces have inclusions of crystals while others are treated with gold leaf as well as having crystals encased. The finishes on the sculptures vary. Most sculptures have special effects applied after the stoneware is fired.

The masks are mainly designed to be hung and are approximately 35cm in length. The faces are just slightly under life size.

Other sculptures fall into many categories as can be seen in the images shown. Some are a 'series' of sculptures but each piece within the series is unique.
Limited edition bronzes or individual pieces are also available.

Commissions are considered
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