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Isobel McBeath
Peter Reynolds
Philip Markham
Isobel McBeath is a New Zealand artist with international standing and recognition. She has been an Elected Artist Member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts since 1985. I have known Isobel for over twenty five years and have continually exhibited her work successfully in my gallery over this period.

Her work in the medium of oil on canvas or board is without question unique. Her interpretation of light and shade, perspective and colour is especially evident as she captures her subjects when in Spain with its wonderful warmth and depth of colour, then with her New Zealand works, she again embraces the special aura of New Zealand bush and landscape.

Isobel's watercolours are always a delight to behold - subtle strokes of genius on paper, whether it is a landscape, still life, or family outings by the sea. Her creativity in such subjects is a special treat. Her still life compositions capture the reality of fruit, game, china and lace with extraordinary expertise.

She is not only noted for her paintings in oil and watercolour but also in other mediums such as sculpture in bronze and ceramic, some with inclusions of crystals. These works are unique in their composition of design and creativity. She captures her subjects with almost ethereal aura - unlike any other artist.

For me, it has been a pleasure to exhibit Isobel's work over many years of association with this most important New Zealand artist. She continues to create works of extraordinary delight.

Peter Reynolds
Gallery Director of Art and Interior Design

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