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By Belmac
Watercolours Oils Sculpture Gallery A Thread of Gold Sculpture Garden
Isobel McBeath
Peter Reynolds
Philip Markham
Isobel is an artist of considerable distinction. Her paintings, which cover a wide range of subject matter, display an immaculate technique across several mediums and are held in collections both in New Zealand and overseas.

She has traveled widely and has painted many works that record with integrity the variety and richness of her surroundings. These works form the basis of a most engaging collection, recording as they do, not only the landscape but perhaps more importantly the people who live and work there. It is well known that considerable skill is required for an artist to represent the figure naturally and without strain. It is evident that Isobel accomplishes this with an ease that belies the hours of study and work that make it possible.

Philip Markham
Immediate Past President

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